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Draw me a better world...


In 2018, a wind of change has risen over Quebec. We are now hundreds of thousands of Quebeckers to demand an immediate reaction and an appropriate government response to the ever-increasing climate challenge.

>> Because everything is moving too fast... tomorrow, more than ever, is now.


Biodiversity protection is one of the greatest challenges of our era. We know that it's more than urgent to develop a climate plan that will respect the targets set by the IPCC. That we need to drastically and immediately change our way of life, consumption and environmental management if we want to avoid the worst.


We know that we are collectively responsible for the environment, but also that solutions exist and are already in motion all accross the Estrie territory. Which is why, today, we move from words... into action.

Our collective consciousness forces us to change our very way of thought and life. To commit in individual gestures to reduce our ecological footprint. But unfortunately the sum of these individual doings doesn't stand a chance against the extent of the crisis, which is why we demand that the three levels of government also take commitment measures and reverse the sad tendency. We wish for the ecological and solidary transition to stand in the center of every personal, social and political decision.


For our future. For our children. For our planet.

​ is a regional environmentally friendly* event which is part of SÈME événements' mission. One of our goals is to  show the good side of things. We want to help people understand that tommorow's world is upon us. That solutions already exist, that inspiring initiatives abound and that we simply need to change a couple of our old habits to contribute to the paradigm shift.


Since "tomorrow is now"... we dream a region that takes to heart the well-being of our people and the future our planet. An Estrie where every citizen lives in harmony with his fellows and his environment. Where each and every decision is based on this harmony and its impacts on the planet. A world that does everything that is still possible to ensure that its grand-children enjoy all the benefits that Mother Earth will bring upon them.

Estrie's Eco-Transition Festival ( suggests that citizens, associations, non-profits, shops, businesses, institutions and municipalities take concrete commitments towards our future and our planet.

These commitments will be highlighted online, but also over the whole Estrie's territory during the first edition of the Festival, for which details will be revealed soon.

Thank you so much, looking forward to commit with you! 🌱✊💚

* according to CQEER's BNQ 9700-253 Standard.

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